imgres-9Will Byrne is an activist and social entrepreneur. In his early career, he worked in journalism at Der Speigel and The American Academy in Berlin, Germany. Upon arriving back in the United States, Byrne joined Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign. Once that was all said and done, he founded the nonprofit organization Groundswell. Groundswell’s mission is simple, to unlock communities’ shared economic power to grow sustainability and expand prosperity on the local level. Now how do they go about doing this?

Byrne mobilizes groups to pool together buying power to purchase energy. A simple and brilliant plan, when we buy in bulk, things become cheaper. Byrne recognizes that while life’s luxuries like televisions and smartphones are becoming cheaper, life’s necessities like education, healthcare, and energy are becoming more expensive.

Byrne’s impact has been greatly felt by those in need. With a focus on the Mid-Atlanic region, Groundswell has helped communities complete over $10 million in people-powered clean energy projects. As a result, participants have saved over $1 million on their electric bills and have been reinvesting over $1.5 million in communities.

Will Byrne’s accomplishments as CEO of Groundswell have not gone unnoticed. He’s received the following accolades:

–  Forbes 30 Under 30 Selection; Social Entrepreneurs, Forbes Magazine (December 2012)
–  Global Fellow, Ashoka Innovators for the Public, December 2011
–  Global Shaper, World Economic Forum, 2011
–  Champions of Change, White House Executive Office of the President, 2011
–  Young Atlanticist Network, Atlantic Council, January 2014
–  Cordes Social Entrepreneurship Fellow (Global), 2010
–  Lisa B. Hall Fellow, Concord Academy, 2013

For more on Groundswell, check out them out at groundswell.orgFacebook, and Twitter.