Social Entrepreneurship: The Next Generation

The realm of social entrepreneurship and those involved are considered to be a part of the confluence of philanthropy and business, and Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker Eyewear is no exception. Although his point of view is exceptional. Blumenthal’s initiative, his dream that is, is the acceleration of socio-political reform to a point that brings its adaptivity and progress up to par with that of the booming technological sector.

Arnobio Morelix - Warby ParkerBlumenthal hopes to effuse this helpfulness and eagerness to take action to influence others to take a part in the change they wish to see in the world. Catherine Clifford of The Entrepreneur expresses that ideas should be born out of the desire to enact change. It isn’t about the uniqueness so much as the motivation and vision. Blumenthal himself worked for a similar company that offered glasses to developing areas. Already, many young companies are following in these footsteps with programs that donate a certain amount of profits, or provide goods to the underprivileged. Warby Parker has a buy-one-give-one offer for their sunglasses.

An example he cites as an example of evening the difference in technological and political growth is Waze, which provides users with the least congested traffic routes available. This integrates high-speed programming with socio-political concerns. As information becomes more democratically available, self-driven entrepreneurs can incorporate information previously held by governmental agencies with the free map of society. The most important aspect in the equation for growth is always looking for improvement and never settling with complacency. Complacency, to echo Blumenthal, parallels the lethargy of government. It is key to stay up to date with the wants and needs of the world; “the most thoughtful company wins.”

In this day and age as globalization and interconnectedness take the forefront of socio-political platforms, the self-serving enterprise does not finish first. It is the company that brings people and causes together that ultimately succeeds. Exhibit A: Neil Blumenthal.

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