Overcoming The Psychology Of The Social Entrepreneur

arnobio morelix soc entEvery organization or work place has a leader. The CEO, founder, co-founder, etc. For everyone of those leaders, comes a fleet of workers. No man or woman can do it on their own. From the beginning, to bring yourself to do so can take a lot. Along the journey, there can be some rewarding moments as well as some mentally draining moments. The process of starting a business or organization can take a lot out of you. This long and tough road can be complicated for entrepreneurs, but it’s that much harder for social entrepreneurs. While an entrepreneur focuses on business model and market opportunity, a social entrepreneur will have to keep that in mind while also maintaining the social impact efforts. Let’s take a look at some of these hurdles social entrepreneurs will have to overcome in order to succeed.

Access to Funding

Tech startups have a far easier time gaining a venture capitalist investment than a social entrepreneurial business due in large part to the bottom line. An investor will look at the bottom line, which many tech businesses have a keen eye on whereas a social entrepreneur’s business is looking at the social impact their business can make. An investor always wants to make their money back and then some and they see that happening far easier than with a business that’s worrying about a social impact first. A way to avoid this dilemma is to avoid these investors. You have access to funding through grant programs and platforms like Kickstarter that can be of help. You don’t want to get hung up on an investor who is looking to change the mold or fit of your business.

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